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chastebob asked: I'm not in the UK, but I'd be happy to pay for whatever shipping would be needed. BUT the real stopping point is the price. I know the Lori devices are expensive and extremely well made, and I certainly understand you not wanting to take too large a loss on it. I'm guessing there are lots of others with my same budgetary concerns.

I might be able to come down a bit, however, to be fair, when I consider how much I spent / wasted on plastic and silicon devices, if I had gone straight to a Lori it would have actually saved me money.

Something else worth considering if in the UK, if you buy a Lori from the USA there will be customs duty to pay on top of the purchase price.

  • So far, it looks as though there's no-one in the UK interested in my Lori 2C.
  • If you have any doubts, I can assure you that it is much better than a plastic or silicon device - I had several plastic CBxxxx cages and a few silicon devices, too before getting my Lori.
  • The studs aren't too sharp or painful and the device is very discrete when being worn (I have worn it at work).
  • I can provide photos and other information as requested.

A perfect example of how he should behave after his release.

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